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Create database in Vista or Windows 2008

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How to Create database in Vista or Windows 2008?


In Windows Vista or Windows 2008, When you create the database, you are require to disable the user access control and also the way we create database is the same like when we create database in the workstation.

1. path we use must be the same as server path, can't use local path. For example, PC100, D:\QnEdata\abc.fdb is not support, need to be <\\PC100\d\QnEdata\abc.fdb>

2. Then we require to enable sharing for the database folder when we create database (after created database then we can disable the sharing for security purpose)

3. And we require to define the server share folder eg. <\\PC100\QnEdata>

4. Actual path in server eg. D:\QnEData

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