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Error Message : "Unable to write to Rbuilder.ini"

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When login to Windows XP with limited user right, prompt 'Unable to write to Rbuilder.ini' while closing the report writer.


You're require to add a permission - everyone to the file named rbuilder.ini in C:\Windows

1) go to c:\Windows , locate the file rbuilder.ini

2) right click properties, under security tab,

click 'add' button, click 'advance' button, click 'Find Now' button

select 'everyone' and click 'OK' button.

back in previous screen, press 'OK' button again.

tick the checkbox for Allow - Full Control and then click 'Apply' button


Note: if you are unable to find the security tab, perform the following steps:-

1) double click 'My Computer'

2) click Tools -> Folder Options

3) untick Use simple file sharing (recommended)


Before this, please make sure C:\Windows\ got this file 'RBuilder.ini', if not please amend one sample report, and the system will create this file

Login with Administrator Right

1. Go to Start > Run > Type cmd

2. In command prompt window, type cacls C:\Windows\Rbuilder.ini /e /g username:permission

eg: cacls C:\Windows\Rbuilder.ini /e /g waileong:F

Permission: N - None

R - Read

C - Change

F - Full


For Windows XP Home Edition, sharing and security is unavailable..therefore, stand-alone installation in client pc will solve this problem.

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