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Packing & Picking List Procedure

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Packing & Picking List Procedure


Please refer to :

\\Ibmx3100m4\DFS_Support\Tips\Packing & Picking List procedure


This is extra feature & only available on version 64x.

1.)    Go to module selection and enable Packing List.

2.)    Can see in Sales Module already add 1 function Packing List     

3.)    Select DO 00001 – DO 00003 & Save.

4.)    After Save, then you can search back for the Packing List No.

5.)    Can see if create New Packing List, there is no more previous DO # (DO 00001 – DO 00003).Packing list can control whenever DO/INV has been packed, then it cannot be appear anymore.

6.)    Preview Default packing list report : Can see debtor & document no. as well.

7.)    If want to show stockcode and which debtor it belongs to, need to tick ‘show by debtor’ and select format <SR> 02 Packing List by Debtor.

This report will show the debtor accordingly. 

8.)    This blue word can be amending. Just double click on it and change.



This is not extra module which available in version 34x & 64x.

1.)    Go to Sales > Picking List. The function quiet similar to Packing List.

But in Picking List, we cannot control the document. There is no save button.

Whenever DO have been select and print/preview, then the same DO can be issue again.

2.)    Preview the report.

This report only show for the stock and quantity. Eg : Storekeeper need to load items into lorry/trucks. Then they can refer to this Picking list instead of DO to avoid storekeeper keep turning back and pick the same item.

3.)    Same as Packing List, this blue word can be amending. Just double click on it and change.

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