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Why Cannot Autosum the amount after export to excel?

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-Why all amount/numbers shows as GENERAL format cells in MS Excel after export from Report listing (any report). -Makes user cannot auto sum the amount. Have convert the amount to number first then can auto sum the figure. -Previously do not have this issue and it just came out recently.


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\\ibmx3100m4\DFS_Support\Tips\Why Cannot Autosum the amount after export to excel

-          On  the previous version, the report builder application was not locked which means, the Number Format is Currency ( following your control panel currency)

-          For this case, let say your computer control panel suddenly change to Malaysia currency and the decimal point and digit grouping will automatically change also. It will makes the amount totally different.-     The excel will automatically followed control panel option. This happen when the report builder unlocked their system when export to excel. It might be a problem to the user who did not recognize this.

-          That’s why for the new version , this Report Builder where we used this component to customize report & doing import/export ,change their features which is to LOCKED the document by replace from using the ‘Currency’ in Number Format to ‘General’.

-          This is to ensure that, whatever the amount that we see in the QnE inquiry/preview screen must be the same amount after we export to excel without changing the decimal point or adding some currency in front of the figure.


Since we used others component to build the report, it is out of system limitation to return as the previous version back.

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