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Error Message : "Unable to write to Rbuilder.ini"

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When login to Windows XP with limited user right, prompt 'Unable to write to Rbuilder.ini' while closing the report writer.


you're require to add a permission - everyone to the file named rbuilder.ini in C:\Windows

1) go to c:\ Windows , locate the file rbuilder.ini

2) right click properties, under security tab, add in a permission named 'everyone' and allow full access.

Note: if you are unable to find the security tab, perform the following steps:-

1) double click 'My Computer'

2) click Tools -> Folder Options

3) untick Use simple file sharing (recommended)

Before this, please make sure C:\Windows\ got this file 'RBuilder.ini', if not please amend one sample report, and the system will create this file

Login with Administrator Right

1. Go to Start > Run > Type cmd

2. In command prompt window, type cacls C:\Windows\Rbuilder.ini /e/g username:permission

Permission: N - None

R - Read

C - Change

F - Full

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