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"Undefined service gds_db/tcp" Error on XP

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'Undefined service gds_db/tcp' Error on XP



1. run the regedit system

a) Go 'START Menu ' click 'RUN' write 'regedit' and click 'OK'



b) Go to 'System'

c) Go to 'CurrentControlSet'

d) Go to 'Services'

e) Go to 'Tcpip'

f) Go to 'Parameters'

3) On the right part of windows you will find the DataBasePath

a) Go and change this name to DB_OLD (Or any other Name)

b) With the right click Go to 'NEW' --> Expandable String Value

c) Give the following Name to this Registry 'DataBasePath'.

d) Copy the Content of Value of DB_OLD

e) Paste it on the new created registry 'DataBasePath' on the field of value.

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