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System is Running Slow

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Qne Running Slow Solution


If log in QnE Slow Run the QnE Server at individual workstation. (or only install for those problematic computer)

          If searching the Item / Debtor / Creditor slow 

              1.1 File - System Option - Search Screen
          1.2 Tick only required field                 Let say everyrtime you search debtor is slow, then go to Debtor                 'Fields in Debtor Screen' - Tick only the fields that you want to see.
         1.3 File - System Option - Others
         1.4 Serach Delay (in second):0.00s change to 1 (to right side)
         1.5 Apply and Save system options


   If Transfer Slow, Printing Slow, Loading is Slow

           System Options ->Sales(1) & Purchase(1) – tick for Disable back order trigger in Sales/Purchase Module if the problem happen in Purchase side, tick Purchase 1 - untick 'Disable Back Order Trigger in Purchases Transaction'. 
 Untick 'show total record in search screen' under system option - Search Screen 

   If saving slow
check System Options -> Document Numbering - format setting whether is follow the standard format or use own no.. If users use their own formats, the saving time for transaction could be slower down

        Other Temporary Solutions
   - Proceed Back Up Restore         -  Purge Audit Trail, try backup and restore the database <Refer Audit Trail Purging in Knowledge Base>

 Finally if the problem still existed, then can consider to purge previous year of data. <Refer to Purging in Knowledge Base>

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