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QnE Payroll - Pay twice a month

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Some staff is using Pay frequency as Twice a month with salary pay type. So, the step will be : a. In Employee Master > Salary/Bank/EPF/Socso, select Twice a month in Pay Frequency & input the total monthly salary in Basic Salary. b. Generate Payroll in First Half Processing c. After release 1st time of salary, then how to proceed 2nd time of salary issue?


There are 2 ways to do:


1.Enter the Twice a Month: 15 days (Always 15 doesn’t matter it is in July 31 days, Jun 30 days etc) in the first half payroll

2. Enter the remaining days after deduct 15 days. For example if generate Dec payroll then it should be 16 days (31-15) in the 2nd half payroll


1. Enter 13 days in the Twice A Mth in the first half payroll and Enter 26 days in the Once a Month as below. Please take note that you have to click on the 2nd half processing only can amend the Once a mth days when generate the first half payroll

2. Enter 13 in the Twice a mth when generate the 2nd half payroll and 26 for the Once a mth.

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