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QnE Payroll - Pay by twice a month with specific amount

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If the staff is Pay by twice a month, example : salary = RM1000, management plan to release RM300 on 1st time & RM700 on 2nd time. So, how should I do it? Is it manually calculate the days in 1st Half Payroll > Basic salary?


The system cannot do that since it is not a half of the basic salary, you can only enter the no of working days in the 1st half and 2nd half but you have to refer to the first half when you generate the 2nd half because you don’t know how many working days you have generate in the first half. Another option is to use the Allowance to do that.

1. Create an allowance : Basic Salary

2. Go to Employee > Fixed Allowances

3. So it will automatically generate the allowance amount. The only problem is the EA Form will appear it in the Allowance instead of in the salary column unless they can provide the EA Form themselves with the download form from LHDN and fill in manually

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