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import export cash sales in xml file from different branches

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I notice we need to change the serialisation setting on the ID as "do not serialise" , untick KEY and GLaccount code tick KEY (as you shown previously) for AGENT and debtor category as well on ID as "do not serialise" , untick KEY and staff code / debtor category code tick KEY. If not sales invoice import export cannot work. It keep on showing error message agent duplicate key or debtor category duplicate. After change this setting in agent and debtor category, sales invoice import export using xml then ok.


You may be wondering why.  A simple example will help you understand this better.


KL-User-A wants to issue an invoice to Customer A, but Customer A is not created in the database yet, so KL-User-A create a new debtor account Company A and issue a new invoice.

But HQ actually has this Company A added to database already.

So when KL-User-A export his data from his database and try to import to HQ’s database, system will identify the Debtor Account by its ID.

System now find 2 different ID with same company code, that’s where the error happens.


There are 2 ways to avoid this error:

  1.        Always export the master files from HQ to branches instead of creating the same master files in each branch.
  2.        Change the serialization configuration to identify master file by Company Code, Category Code, instead of by ID.

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