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QNE Firebird Installation - Error in opening Control Panel

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After When I install qne 692 in win7 pro, my control panel show error message:window explore stop working and close immediately. Pls assit


2 suggestions to resolve this issues:

1. Please also note that the Firebird2Control.cpl panel brings down the entire control panel window with messages "Windows Explores has stopped working" and "Windows Explorer is restarting". It helps to delete Firebird2Control.cpl file from System32 directory. 

2.Uninstall Firebird application into your Windows. Go to Start > Firebird > Uninstall. Once Firebird is uninstalled, try to open Control Panel to see if its solved the problem. Once already OK, you can now proceed to Firebird installation again, remember to untick Control Panel Aplet. This setting can be seen upon Firebird installation.

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