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Unit Cost not shown in full number

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Unit Cost not shown in full number


This article explain why unit cost in some reports are not shown in full number


The unit cost in calculation is based on the NetAmount instead of UOM price.


Unit Cost = Amount / Qty


"Amount" is round-up value and therefore "Unit Cost" will not shows in full number after divide by quantity





   1) A new stock was updated in Stock Opening Balance: Qty = 5, Unit Cost = 5.8967789


   2) Go to Stock Report > Stock Ledger in Qty & Value(This report has been customized to increase unit cost's decimal point up to 7)


   Unit cost shows 5.8960000 instead of 5.8967789



Stock Opening Balance



Stock Ledger In Qty & Value


29.48 (Amount) / 5 (Qty) = 5.8960000 (Unit Cost)

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