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Tax Inclusive , Zero rated item

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I would like to know that, example:
if client price tag stated with tax inclusive amount eg: total RM100 ( inclusive GST). So that we just collect the RM100 from customer.
If that the customer purchase the product with LO (Local order- from school or government), we cannot charge them for GST. Since the price tag RM100 is inclusive the GST , any setting we can do for the special customer which auto deduct if the price no GST?
Need solution as most of book store/computer shop has this kind of LO order. Price label with GST inclusive.
Thank you.


[Mar 5 2015 5:53PM] mlsam2000 - Please refer the Tariff Code: 4901.99 from http://gst.customs.gov.my/en/rg/SiteAssets/gst_order/pua_20141013_P.U.%20(A)%20272%20-%20Perintah%20CBP%20(Pembekalan%20Berkadar%20Sifar)%202014.pdf if this item is zero-rated then the tax code should assign to this item is "ZRL"

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