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GST on Cheque RM0.50 Bank Charges

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How QnE Software handle the GST when I keyin a Cheque payment to creditor. Usually we will keyin RM0.50 for every cheque issued.


In QNE Optimum, please refer to https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=fywyAi-KrPo&list=PLCyuULJlHqwRveEiCVlYG5df4EnLy0fD-&index=25

In QNE Delphi, There is no auto way currently but subject for enhancement,
anyway, there is many way to handle that, below is one of the suggested way:

1. In the Bank Charges field from Pay Bill, Pls do not enter any amount
2. At the end of the month when u receive bank statement or access to internet banking once a week, please check the bank statement to see how much Bank charges you have, for example the total bank charges is RM5
3. Create another Payment voucher , select an account "Bank Charges", tax code is Tx6, amount is RM5
4. system will automatically calculate the GST for this Bank Charges.

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