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QnE Delphi K1 Documentation – Special Scenarios

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1) Received two K1 for one single purchase invoice, how to enter two K1 to knock off against one purchase invoice? 2) Received a few draft K1 for payment, these draft copy has no K1 number yet until it clear customs. How to update the records in QNE? 3) Forwarder’s bill included few charges together with K1. How to enter into QnE?


Answer 1: In the latest release 705 and onwards, Creditor code is optional in the K1 form, so, you can combine two K1 and put the total figures in "Customs Local Amount".

Answer 2: In the K1 field, you can just input "Draft", as long as the "Customs Local Amount" is correct then it shouldn't be an issues, the only issues are the GAF file may not capture the K1 information but it is ok since there is a reason why the users cannot input the information.

Answer 3: In the latest release 705 and onwards, QnE system allowed enter a K1 Payment Voucher with multiple GL accounts transactions.

For more details, please refer the documentation QnE Delphi K1 Documentation.pdf

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