[Optimum] Draft/KIV Function In Web Portal

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How to use draft/KIV function in the QNE web portal?


1) Example user is in the middle key in a sales invoice and want to save as draft/KIV first. So on top the sales invoice, click on the dotted box [...], choose KIV


2) key in Display Name and Note for your own reference about this draft invoice, then click OK to save as draft.


3) When you want to restore the draft invoice to continue key in, click on draft button on top the screen, then system will list down all the draft/KIV transactions.


4) Look for the draft transaction you want to restore, then click the restore button. System will bring you back to the invoice to continue key in.


Remark: This draft/KIV function is only available in QNE web portal version 2017.5.1.0 and above.



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