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Orange arrow How to use QNE support ticketing system

  A 2min quick guide in video for you. https://www.powtoon.com/show/fET08k9h6HK/how-to-submit-ticket-at-qne-support/...
Orange arrow Where can i download the latest copy of user manual for QNE Optimum?

  QNE Optimum is a GST compliant software approved by Royal Customs Malaysia, we will try to update our user guide and make it up-to-date , if there is any new annoucenment or changes about the GST, we will try to update our user guide asap. Thus, The package do not include any hard copy of user man...
Orange arrow System Unable to Print Transactions

  Causes: This is because of Windows update 1703 version problems. This windows version update will cause Epson Printer unable to print out document from any software How to check windows version: Windows Key + R keyboard shortcut (hold down the Windows key and then press "R" once). Once that bo...
Orange arrow For example, in the system you have submitted GST for 01/01/2016 to 31/03/2016 and now you need to edit a transaction dated 13/01/2016. So you will need to unlock the submitted GST return record.

  Please make sure you are using QNE Optimum version 2015.1.5.5 or above and refer the below documentation: Unlock Submitted GST Return(1).pdf...
Orange arrow Windows cannot access the specified device, path or file. You may not have the appropriate permissions to access the item.

  While installing QNE system, error prompt on screen as below: "Windows cannot access the specified device, path or file. You may not have the appropriate permissions to access the item." Solution Check the permission of the file or folder *Make sure PC has been logged with administrative per...
Orange arrow QnE System suddenly unable to sent out email

  This is because of Windows update to 1709 version problems. This version update will make Outlook registry key corrupted. When other programs try to use the Outlook Simple MAPI interface, they cannot retrieve the required information from the registry. The Solutions is try to repair Microsoft ...
Orange arrow The system will show two types of date format (dd/mm/yy & mm/dd/yy) at the same time, although i have set it to dd/mm/yy ?

  Please change the date format in Microsoft Windows, Please follow the steps in http://windows.microsoft.com/en-my/windows/change-dates-times-currency-measurements-display#1TC=windows-7...
Orange arrow How to do refund money to debtor with issue payment voucher?eg: Debtor has been issued amount rm1000 and been knock off with Receive Payment

  To refund Money to your customer using Payment Voucher, the below are the recommended steps: 1. Create a Contra account then Issue a Debit Note, the journal should be : DR Debtor CR Contra Account 2. Create a Payment Voucher DR Contra Account CR Bank Note: ...
Orange arrow If Financial Period 01/09/2014 to end 31/08/2015, Software start 01/01/2015,
How to setup in Financial Period?

  Below are the setting: 1. Financial Start Month = 9 2. Financial Start Year = 2014 3. Length of Financial Periods = 12 4. Accounting Start Month = 1 5. Accounting Start Year = 2015...
Orange arrow Prompt error message : 'unable to write to Rbuilder.ini'

  Go to server QnE folder, right click on Properties > Security > Press on <add>, everyone, click OK to share the full rights....
Orange arrow How to Import Customer Delivery Address in new Database (optimum)

  Please click HERE to download the documents...
Orange arrow hi there, may i ask 2 questions here :-
1) what document to use for transferring money from bank A(own bank) to bank B(own bank)?
2) if bank

  Hi, You have to use a Payment voucher then payment by bank A to a Contra Account in RM.another Receipt voucher then deposit to bank B from a contra account in USD....
Orange arrow Example: 1. Create a new Debtor and key-in an invoice RM 32,520.30 2. Report - Customer Report - Batch Repot - Statement of Account. 3. By right System should show "Ringgit Malaysia Thirty two tho

  Please make sure the cent format for the currency has been set. From QNE Optimum, go into:- Maintenance | Currencies | Edit - If the cent format value is blank, you need to assign a value for it....
Orange arrow How to optionally turn on/off the item auto numbering function in QNE Optimum?

  Kindly follow this guide:- auto-numbering.pdf...
Orange arrow How to limit a number of records in a report printing for QNE Optimum?

  Please download the guide from this link...

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