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Orange arrow 1) Received two K1 for one single purchase invoice, how to enter two K1 to knock off against one purchase invoice? 2) Received a few draft K1 for payment, these draft copy has no K1 number yet unti

  Answer 1: In the latest release 705 and onwards, Creditor code is optional in the K1 form, so, you can combine two K1 and put the total figures in "Customs Local Amount". Answer 2: In the K1 field, you can just input "Draft", as long as the "Customs Local Amount" is correct then it shouldn't be an...
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Orange arrow How QnE Software handle the GST when I keyin a Cheque payment to creditor. Usually we will keyin RM0.50 for every cheque issued.

  In QNE Optimum, please refer to https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=fywyAi-KrPo&list=PLCyuULJlHqwRveEiCVlYG5df4EnLy0fD-&index=25 In QNE Delphi, There is no auto way currently but subject for enhancement, anyway, there is many way to handle that, below is one of the suggested way: 1. In the Ba...
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Orange arrow How to do Group Registration Database Configuration

  Go to GST (in navigation panel) >GST Group Registration Click New or Press CTRL + N Please input the following information: Company Name: SAMPLE TRADING (PENANG) SDN. BHD. Connection String: Server Name: qnedev.cloudapp.net User ID: qnedealers Password: QnE123!@# Database: GSTDemo_01 ...
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Orange arrow for 1 company GST submission posting, we just click the button. But for group, how the posting work?

  It is the same, every company are require to generate the figures for payable and claimable, then depends on which member will pay on behalf and every company need to pass a journal to contra off the GST payable account e.g. If Sample Trading (M) Sdn. Bhd. Paid on behalf of the Sample Trading (JB)...
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Orange arrow How to handle Mix Supply/Partial Exemption and Annual/Longer Period Adjustment in QNE Optimum?

  This is an add on module and only available in QNE Optimum. Please download the full version with the explaination in picture....
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Orange arrow How QNE Optimum handle non-refundable Deposit with GST?

  QNE Optimum provide an additional screen which similar to AR>Receive Payment, name "Deposit" - Other than the existing fields from AR>Receive Payment, system will provide another field "Tax Code" in the header for user to select, but the system will load the default tax code according to the ...
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Orange arrow How to handle the GST in Disposal of Fixed Assets?

  Please download the guide HERE....
Orange arrow can I know how normally the double entries look like for BL (Block input tax)? Example the company purchase a motor vehicle (100k), the entry will be CREDIT Creditor 106k, DEBIT Fixed Asset 100k & DE

  Yes. the posting are: DEBIT Fixed Asset 100k DEBIT GST Expenses 6k CREDIT Creditor 106k In the Tax Code Maintenance, if you refer to "BL", the posting account we should select "GST Expenses" instead of "GT Input Tax". once you select this tax code, GST 03 and other GST Details Listing...
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Orange arrow How to input Deemed Supply in the GST module of QNE Firebird version?

  Below is the sample scenario for deemded supplies. a GST Registered Company giving away their inventory to their customers or employee as a free gift, if the open market value is more than RM500 then this is consider deemed supplies and subject for GST. In QNE, there is a tax code in the output t...
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Orange arrow Creditor --> Bill Entries --> key in supplier invoice and select more that 2 GL accounts with tax code [STI]

  Question : a) Creditor  Bill EntriesThe simplified invoice total amount is RM900 including GST. The GST input tax should restrict to RM30. However if two difference GL accounts is selected, the input tax still allowed to claim [RM30 +6]. It calculated by per item detail selected not by total per ...
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Orange arrow Can you help us to verify the GST Tax Code for our Chart of Account?

  Recently we received many enquiries to request us to advise how to setup the tax code for their chart of account and asking questions what are the tax code should assign during the transactions. In fact, different industrials and companies may have different chart of account and different tax code...
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Orange arrow Tax Codes Updated August 2016

  Tax Codes Updated August 2016 will be release start from: Malaysia GST New Tax Code Update in August 2016 Tax Code Latest Description Previous Description Rate GST Mapping Remark RP Relief Purchase under GST legislation (Purchase of Ron 95 or diesel...
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Orange arrow GST Registration Confirmation Letter

  GST Registration Confirmation Letter report has specifically designed to request and confirm the GST registration number from customers or suppliers. Click here to download the full guide....
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Orange arrow Match an invoice in a receive payment. During save, a validation error block with a message "INV? is/are already declared as bad debt. Please process the bad debt recovery first before knock-off.". I

  Yes, the recovery of bad debt can be done in the payment screen without need to navigate into GL-Journal. You can refer to the following file for more details: Create bad debt recovery journal from knock off screen.pdf...
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Orange arrow GST Return form - GST Form-03 item 5b & item 19 amount not tally?

  It was due to major industries code setting required. A new features added in Delphi from version 705 & above. Please login to QnE, go to GST -> GST Setting -> Option -> Major Industry Code Setting -> Tick Use Single MISC Code (key in your industry code which you have it during GS...
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