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Orange arrow Payroll - while upgrade to new version got error An exception has occurred in 'frmUpgradeDB:upgradeDB'.Error:58:File already exits

  Facing the problem when try to upgrade if database located in C:\Program Files (x86) QnE Payroll but when move database location to another folder, successfully upgrade. move to any driver instead of C:\Program Files (x86) folder\QnE Payroll (e.g. C:\QnE Payroll)...
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Orange arrow How to know which payment has not been knock-off?

  Debtor -> Master Reports -> Debtor Open Credit Listing...
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Orange arrow Your User Name and Password are not defined. Ask your database administrator to set up a Firebird login. Alias carbonDB.

  Get QnE installation Cd\Security folder install Install QnESecurity.exe...
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Orange arrow User have enter notes at Delivery Oredery Notes tab. How to show notes information at Delivery Order report?

  Go to Delivery Order -> Print -> Customize -> Amend -> Choose DBMemo / BDtext -> Select Notes as field name -> Save...
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Orange arrow What is the version of Firebird SQL Server we are using on our current server?

  This document is a guide on how to enable Symmetric Multi-Processor (SMP) support in Firebird. Symmetric Multi-Processor support is not enabled by default in Firebird 1.5. On Firebird 2.1 and newer versions, it is enabled in the Classic server architecture. However, SMP can forced by modifying the...
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Orange arrow Database cannot open, Error Message ' No permission for read-write access to database'

  Choose DB, right click then choose properties then untick Attributes Read-only....
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Orange arrow 1) Received two K1 for one single purchase invoice, how to enter two K1 to knock off against one purchase invoice? 2) Received a few draft K1 for payment, these draft copy has no K1 number yet unti

  Answer 1: In the latest release 705 and onwards, Creditor code is optional in the K1 form, so, you can combine two K1 and put the total figures in "Customs Local Amount". Answer 2: In the K1 field, you can just input "Draft", as long as the "Customs Local Amount" is correct then it shouldn't be an...
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Orange arrow How to handle the GST in Disposal of Fixed Assets?

  Please download the guide HERE....
Orange arrow How to Create New Company Database ?

  How to Create New Company Database To create new company please follow the step below: 1. Select ‘New’ to create database 2. Select type of database to create: a. Sample Database (For Testing/Demo purpose) b. Working Database (Select to create new database) i. Selec...
Orange arrow Open QnE database having this error :- 1) Unable to connect to host 'server'.Fail to establish a connection. unkonwn win32 error 10060.

  1) Ensure that port 3050 is added in Control Panel -> Windows Firewall for both server and client pc. 2) To add the port, go to Control Panel -> Windows Firewall, under Exception tab, click 'Add Port'. Name : Firebird Port Number : 3050 Click 'Add' button. ---- if this cannot, try using...
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Orange arrow Workstation cannot connect to QSS from Server OS - Win7 - Home Premium 32-bits Firewall - turn on for Network & Public

  Add Firebird Port - 3050 (Server) Shared QnE folder - Everyone (Server) Go to Control Panel -> Administrative Tools -> Windows Firewall -> Allow a program or feature through Windows Firewall -> tick for QnE Service at Public checkbox there...
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Orange arrow can I know how normally the double entries look like for BL (Block input tax)? Example the company purchase a motor vehicle (100k), the entry will be CREDIT Creditor 106k, DEBIT Fixed Asset 100k & DE

  Yes. the posting are: DEBIT Fixed Asset 100k DEBIT GST Expenses 6k CREDIT Creditor 106k In the Tax Code Maintenance, if you refer to "BL", the posting account we should select "GST Expenses" instead of "GT Input Tax". once you select this tax code, GST 03 and other GST Details Listing...
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Orange arrow What is the difference between Sales -> Picking List Vs Packing List?

  Picking List - is just pick from Documents (cannot be Save) Packing List - same likewise Picking List but can Save (Additional option from Module Selection)...
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Orange arrow Unable to inquiry Purchase Requisition outstanding

  To VIEW full Documentation please click HERE Download full documentation please click DOWNLOAD...
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Orange arrow QNE Delphi User Manual

  Please Download QNE Delphi User manual here : https://www.dropbox.com/s/7abg18463fsbe9o/Accounting%20User%20Manual-LatestUpdated.zip?dl=0...
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