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Orange arrow How to change Quantity (QTY) to 0 decimal point in QNE Optimum?

  1. Go to Maintenance>System Option 2. Depends on which module you want to define the decimal point display 3. Please look for the field "Qty Precision" in the module "Sales" or "Purchases" or "Stock" and define the decimal points. 4. this setting will affect the screen and reports in the rele...
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Orange arrow How to declare GST by Delivery Orders in compliance with the 21 days rule.

  According to the 21 Days Rule, if the Tax Invoice is issued within 21 days, the date of invoice will be considered as Time of Supply. However, if you are not able to issue the tax invoice after goods delivered or service performed within 21 days, then the Time of Supply will have to fall back to th...
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Orange arrow Backup data in QNE Optimum, System asked to grant read permission to your current windows account but the user is already the administrator, what else should i do?

  When you install the SQL server, you logined using other windows users, thus, even the current users is administrator, this administrator may not have access right for this folder. Thus, System will prompted the below error msg when you try to do backup using other windows user account: Backup f...
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Orange arrow Cannot connect to Server which Linked PC error Mgs

  The main cause is that the server instance is missing cannot be found on the network. Possible Cause/Solution: 1.) Server Computer (PC where SQL Server Instance was installed) might habe been turn off. 2.) Server Computer or Client PC currently doesn't have network connection -> You can check ...
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Orange arrow How to install QNE Optimum & setup QNE Client connect to QNE Server?

  Please download full guide from url below: https://drive.google.com/open?id=0B4xet40jRM22SS0yUi02bmZNcjg&authuser=0...
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Orange arrow Optimum-Cannot run QNE program prompt error 'The application has failed to start because its side-by-side configuration is incorrect'

  **The above is the full error message. Solution: -------------- Go to QNE program folder(eg.C:\QNE Business Solutions\Bin), find "WinApp.exe.config" file and delete it. After delete the WinApp.exe.config, run QNE Optimum program and re-append the databases....
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Orange arrow When preview the report / form in Web Portal, there are nothing to appear.

  This is cause by the Pop-ups setting Please check the browser setting, the Pop-up is set to allowed. eg. For Windows Google Chrome: On your computer, open Chrome. At the top right, click More . Click Settings. At the bottom, click Show advanced settings. Under "Privacy," click Content sett...
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Orange arrow How to Backup in OPTIMUM

  Title: How to Backup (OPTIMUM) Solution: 1. Tools > Database Utility > Backup 2. Check Server Name > Database > Click Test Connection > OK > Next 3. Choose Backup Folder > Key in backup file name > Click Backup *If key in Password here , th...
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Orange arrow How to get the latest version of QNE optimum online?

  You can get the latest online update via internet, you must have internet connection before you click the below button. 1. In the login screen, Please click the button name "Online Update" beside the "Power/Close" button. 2. System will request a password, Password is "91333237", after you key-i...
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Orange arrow How to handle Mix Supply/Partial Exemption and Annual/Longer Period Adjustment in QNE Optimum?

  This is an add on module and only available in QNE Optimum. Please download the full version with the explaination in picture....
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Orange arrow How to remove invoice water mark with original word

  1. Go to -> Modules -> tick -> GST/VAT -> save & close. 2. Go to -> GST -> GST Settings -> Report Printing Control -> untick box -> Original Tax Invoice Control. 3. Go to -> Sales -> preview one transaction, no more water mark with original word....
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Orange arrow for 1 company GST submission posting, we just click the button. But for group, how the posting work?

  It is the same, every company are require to generate the figures for payable and claimable, then depends on which member will pay on behalf and every company need to pass a journal to contra off the GST payable account e.g. If Sample Trading (M) Sdn. Bhd. Paid on behalf of the Sample Trading (JB)...
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Orange arrow How to do Group Registration Database Configuration

  Go to GST (in navigation panel) >GST Group Registration Click New or Press CTRL + N Please input the following information: Company Name: SAMPLE TRADING (PENANG) SDN. BHD. Connection String: Server Name: qnedev.cloudapp.net User ID: qnedealers Password: QnE123!@# Database: GSTDemo_01 ...
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Orange arrow How QNE Optimum handle non-refundable Deposit with GST?

  QNE Optimum provide an additional screen which similar to AR>Receive Payment, name "Deposit" - Other than the existing fields from AR>Receive Payment, system will provide another field "Tax Code" in the header for user to select, but the system will load the default tax code according to the ...
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Orange arrow How to handle the GST in Disposal of Fixed Assets?

  Please download the guide HERE....

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