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Orange arrow How to: Configure Permissions by Fields/Members

  Create a User Role “JH Users” for branch in Jorhor, Save Create a User “User1”, link with “JH Users”, and Save Back to user role “JH Users”, look for Sales Invoice from Data Access Permissions。 Double click the found record to configure permissions ...
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Orange arrow How to hide the purchase unit cost in user roles in data access permission and report access from other user to see?

  Please download the full version guide here....
Orange arrow Do optimum has closing of financial account. so that can close the financial year end and save it. The new set of account with Brought forward amount for each account can have a new record as opening

  One of the QNE features is to support unlimited financial periods, the system will calculate and cut-off automatically according to the financial period setting and bring over the opening balance when you view the respective accounts/ledger and financial reports accordingly. Thus, QNE do not requi...
Orange arrow Error Message: "Target Type" must not be empty when i click save in user role screen

  This message is due to the user access rights in the previous version is longer valid in the current version. Please go to User Role>Permissions>Current Permissions and select the filter of the "Object" to select those empty records and delete all the empty reocrds. after you delete all th...
Orange arrow View Unit Cost - Access Right

  View Unit Cost - Access Right “View unit cost” is an access right to control user from being able to view purchase cost or unit cost. Please download the full guide here....
Orange arrow Optimum-How to block users from edit/change unit price in the POS?

  Optimum-How to block users from edit/change unit price in the POS as below: Please find the steps in this To Block User From Edit Unit Price.docx...
Orange arrow (Optimum) When try to open statement Of Account Report, promt the below error: An error with number 1006 has occured. Error message: Unable to set the readonly property 'DisplayAllTransactions'

  Go to the User Roles>Permission>Current Permission>look for 'Statement Of Account'>double click to open>set rights for 'Read' and 'Write' ....
Orange arrow (Optimum)How to control the certain User's not to edit Running Number by their own. Example D/O running Number

  Go to the user roles, under Permission>Transactions>untick 'Change Doc Numbering' for Delivery Orders...
Orange arrow [Optimum] How to block users from accessing "Clear Transactions"

  - If the user roles got "Administrative" rights then the user will be able to access "Clear Transactions"....
Orange arrow [Optimum] How to change my login password?

  Please login to QNE Optimum, then go to Maintenance>My Details Then go to Edit>Change My Password>key in your existing password in the "Old Password" and also your "New Password" then "Confirm Password">OK Once you done it then you can now login QNE Optimum again with your new ...
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Orange arrow [Optimum] How to set User Roles allow to Amend Unit Price in Transferred Document ?

  Go to Maintenance > User Roles > amend into User Roles Select Transaction > Change Unit Cost after transfer Tick the checkbox to allow User Roles to amend Unit Price in Transferred Document...
Orange arrow How to completely delete a database from the database wizard? After I delete a databse from the wizard, if I append, I will still see it in the list. I wish to completely remove the database.

  You need to remove manuall from the SQL server folder, depends whereyou install your MS-SQL Server. it should be located in C:\Program Files\Microsoft SQL Server\MSSQL10_50.QNEBSS\MSSQL\DATA...
Orange arrow How to restrict clients from creating a new database in QNE Optimum ?

  You need to create another SQL user account in MS-SQL Server using SQL Management Studio and assign different access right to the SQL user. However, this is out of our SLA since we only provide support for QNE Software, You can google and research how can u create a new user account from MS-SQL Ser...
Orange arrow How can i change the password in Microsoft SQL Server

  This is the password from the database engine "Microsoft SQL Server". It is advisable not to change the password if you are not sure what is this password for. You can have different user name and password to login QNE and which is exclusively the user name and password in QNE only. if you change...

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