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Orange arrow How to completely delete a database from the database wizard? After I delete a databse from the wizard, if I append, I will still see it in the list. I wish to completely remove the database.

  You need to remove manuall from the SQL server folder, depends whereyou install your MS-SQL Server. it should be located in C:\Program Files\Microsoft SQL Server\MSSQL10_50.QNEBSS\MSSQL\DATA...
Orange arrow How to restrict clients from creating a new database in QNE Optimum ?

  You need to create another SQL user account in MS-SQL Server using SQL Management Studio and assign different access right to the SQL user. However, this is out of our SLA since we only provide support for QNE Software, You can google and research how can u create a new user account from MS-SQL Ser...
Orange arrow How can i change the password in Microsoft SQL Server

  This is the password from the database engine "Microsoft SQL Server". It is advisable not to change the password if you are not sure what is this password for. You can have different user name and password to login QNE and which is exclusively the user name and password in QNE only. if you change...
Orange arrow How to schedule a database backup

  Start from version, you can schedule a database backup with only a few simple steps. 1. From the main menus, open Tools->Database->Scheule Backup 2. From the backup scheduler, click "Add" to setup a schedule. 3. Configure the source database and the backup destination. 4. You can...
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Orange arrow How to register or activate the product license in QNE Optimum?

  If you still haven't install the software or don;t know how to do the installation, Please visit http://qnehelp.azurewebsites.net/Installation.htm 1. You have to register in the working database, Please create a working database from database wizard, more information please visit http://support.qn...
Orange arrow Where to fill up the company profile in QNE Optimum?

  1. After login to the working database, Please click on the button beside "Home", and select "Company Profile" 2. for more information please visit http://qnehelp.azurewebsites.net/CompanyProfile.htm...
Orange arrow Cannot login to QNE Optimum, system Prompted Named Pipes Provider, error: 40 - Could not open a connection to SQL Server

  Please make sure the below are well configure: if this is in a network environment, Your workstation can ping the server Named pipes/TCP is enabled. - http://support.qne.com.my/article.aspx?cid=3203&aid=60585 Remote connections are allowed. - http://blogs.msdn.com/b/walzenbach/archive/2010...
Orange arrow How to enable Transmission Control Protocol/Internet Protocol (TCP/IP) and Named Pipes protocols in Microsoft SQL Server

  To turn on named pipes for Microsoft SQL Server 2005 to 2008, complete the following steps: Launch the Microsoft SQL Server Configuration Manager. Under the Microsoft SQL Server 2005 Network Configuration, select Protocols for the Microsoft SQL Server instance. Right-click on Named Pipes and ...
Orange arrow How to access QNE Server on Client Workstation

  How to acces QNE Server on Client Workstations - OPTIMUM 1.) Open QNE Business Solution 2.) Click 'Database Wizard' 3.) Click 'Append' Button. This is to add our existing database on our Application 4.) Fill-in Company Name 5.) Select the Server Name (Name of PC where the database file ...
Orange arrow Where and how can i install SQL Management Studio? and How to connect QNE database via SQL Management Studio?

  In the installation CD of QNE Optimum, you should be able to find the below installation files in the directory name "Dependencies": SQLManagementStudio_x64_ENU SQLManagementStudio_x86_ENU if your computer is 32 bit, Please double click SQLManagementStudio_x86_ENU if your computer is 64 bit,...
Orange arrow In QNE Optimum, After the latest online update, the database connection are missing in database wizard, how can i restore the previous connection setting?

  1. Please right click the program shortcut and go to properties then click "Open File Location" 2. Then you should be able to see the windows explorer and your current path should be similar to "C:\QnE Software\QnE Business Solutions\Bin" 3. look for a file name "WinApp.exe.config" and copy and o...
Orange arrow Import/Migrate master data and customer/supplier/stock opening balance from QNE Delphi Firebird to QNE Optimum

  Below are the steps to import data from the QNE Delphi Firebird data to QNE Optimum: 1. Please make sure your version is the latest version 2015.0.1.7 or above, to download the latest version online, please visit http://support.qne.com.my/article/3203/60429 2. Please download the guide HERE....
Orange arrow From Database Wizard, when i try to create an exist database name, it stopped me to proceed. How can i delete the existing database name?

  1. You need to install SQL Management Studio and login to SQL Management Studio to remove the database 2. if you still want to completely delete the file then You can manually remove the database from the physical directory, to check where is your database located, Please visit http://support.qne....
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Orange arrow DBScheduler Backup - Save Schedule Error (Access Is Denied)

  This article describe the issue when you not able to save schedule in DB Schedule with the error "Access Is Denied" DB Scheduler will fail to save if current logged in user has no administrator role Below is the sample screenshot of the error you may encouter when saving backup schedule. ...
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Orange arrow What is the easiest way to import the master data directly from UBS 9.0 to QNE Optimum?

  Below are the steps to import data directly from UBS 9.0 to QNE Optimum: 1. Please make sure your version is the latest version 2014.6.8.0 or above, to download the latest version online, please visit http://support.qne.com.my/article/3203/60429/get-latest-online-update-in-qne-optimum 2. in this ...

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