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Orange arrow How to manually uninstall QSS.

  If you are not able to uninstall QSS from the program panel, download the zip from from the link below. Unzip the file, and run the extracted script as administrator. http://supportsystem.LiveHelpNow.net/resources/3203/ForceUninstallQSS.zip...
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Orange arrow i encounter an error msgw: " QnE service not found, please enter correct IP and Port for QnE server"
please advice

  1. At server : Go to start -> run -> type cmd -> type ipconfig to see the IPaddress. 2. Open QnE service. Then compare the IP at Qss listen ip same as IPaddress in cmd or not. 3. If not same. Change the ip at QnE service and IP at QnE system same as IPaddress in cmd. Restart PC....
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Orange arrow QSS not stable, already registered 2 times successfully but after few days it become unregistered.

  The License Update Software may be corruptted or not compatible with the OS. Please perform the below steps: 1. Right Click Task Bar and select Task Manager, locate a process name "Updater.exe", end the task. 2. Open Windows Explorer, Delete the file C:\QNEQSS\Service\updater.exe adn restart your...
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Orange arrow How to change QSS Listen IP without open the QnE Panel

  Go to the QnE Panel installed location , eg.C:\QnE\Service , then find the file named "qneService.cfg" and open it with notepad to edit the IP address and save....
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Orange arrow How to fix services(eg.QLS, SQL Server QNEBSS, QNEService QSS, Firebird Server) always not auto start with windows problem?

  1) Go to services.msc, example if the problem is on QLS, right click it and choose Properties. 2) Change the startup type to Automatic(Delayed Start), apply and ok. 3) Now when you restart your pc again the QLS should auto start with windows....
Orange arrow [Delphi] Error 1001. The specified service has been marked for deletion (QSS)

  [Delphi] Error 1001. The specified service has been marked for deletion. (QSS) Scenario [Delphi] When user try to access QnE Delphi, it prompt QnE service not found so user try to reinstall it but failed. Message as below: ‘Error 1001. The specified service has been marked for deletion...
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Orange arrow How to resolve the QSS licensing issues? - the database still not register yet, my customer is under testing. this morning when log in come out this erroe msg even restart the server also can not get

  1. Sample database will by pass the QSS Licensing checking. 2. Please check your working database to see whether this database already reach the transaction limit, for evaluation purpose the system allows maximum 1000 accounting entries only (1 tax invoice with Debit AR, Credit Sales and Output Ta...
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