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Category: Point Of Sales (Optimum)
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Orange arrow How can i Integrate Point of Sales (POS) or Stock Control system to QNE Optimum?

  QNE Optimum developed a user friendly API and hosted the services in the cloud. the third party software can easily integrate with QNE Optimum, they can update or post their data real-time to QNE Optimum. for more information, Please visit the chapter “Developer API” on http://qnehelp.a...
Orange arrow How to setup Point of Sales devices and user guide of Point of Sales for QNE Optimum?

  Please download the full guide here Point Of Sales.pdf...
Orange arrow [Optimum] How to enable Compulsory Print Receipt after made Payment in P.O.S

  1) Go to Tools > Devices Setting. 2) POS Settings > Tick "Compulsory Print Receipt after Payment" > Save. Notes: This functions is available since from 2017.4.0.0 version. Thanks for Viewing....
Orange arrow How to set scale barcode?

  Setting an item AMD-XP/1800 with barcode 556781 per UNITS Using the below sample scale barcode: 1) go to Tools>Device Settings>Scale Barcode, set as below. 2) So when scan the scale barcode 955678100110700 in the POS, system will auto detect the item with quantity and unit p...
Orange arrow (Optimum) Preset default Debtor in POS transaction

  ** Users does not require to select Debtor on every new POS transaction as system will auto select accordingly 1. Go to POS > Point Of Sales2. User can set default Debtor/Customer selection for every POS Transaction 3. After pre-set default Debtor/Customer4. System will auto select Debtor/Cust...
Orange arrow How to setting user account as supervisor account ?

  On version 2017.4.0.0 and 2017.5.0.0 or above had enhanced supervisor password control on POS module, and the control are below item: - Change Unit Price - Delete Item - Eject Cash Drawer - Item Discount - Reprint Receipt - Void Transactio...
Orange arrow How to set Different Counter different running number

  1) Go to Maintenance > Running Number 2) Click New for create new running number for P.O.S 3) Table = Point of Sales> Tick Different Counter Different Running No. 4) Click Save 5) Login Point of Sales with Counter = C1 6) On screen will show ...

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