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Category: Pricing Setting
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Orange arrow Can i have any setting for Different uom selling price for different customer?

  Please download the full version guide from here....
Orange arrow Upgraded from QNE Delphi Firebird to QNE Optimum, Where to find the setting of price group, price book and last selling price?

  The design of the Price Group, Price Book, Last Selling Price Setting in QNE Optimum is different compare to QNE Delphi Firebird. It is more flexible and powerful, it combines the features of Price Group, Price Book and Last Selling Price in QNE Delphi Firebird. Please download the full versio...
Orange arrow Optimum-How to block users from edit/change unit price in the POS?

  Optimum-How to block users from edit/change unit price in the POS as below: Please find the steps in this To Block User From Edit Unit Price.docx...
Orange arrow Price Group - How to setup the stock item with different selling price for different customer/customer group?

  With this price group module, user is allows to define the stock item selling price easily. e.g. -Item A, normal price is RM10, customer group A = 10%; customer group B = 15% -Item A, normal price is RM10, during promotion period offer 50% discount etc. Please download the document, there are ...

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