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Orange arrow Backup data in QNE Optimum, System asked to grant read permission to your current windows account but the user is already the administrator, what else should i do?

  When you install the SQL server, you logined using other windows users, thus, even the current users is administrator, this administrator may not have access right for this folder. Thus, System will prompted the below error msg when you try to do backup using other windows user account: Backup f...
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Orange arrow When doing back up and system prompt out error message “System.Data.SqClient.SqlException (0x80131904): The backup data at the end of “C:\Program Files\Microsoft SQL Server\MSSQL10_50.QNEBSS\MSSQL\DA

  To view full document, please click here...
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Orange arrow QNE Optimum when restore backup file prompt "Exception of type 'DevExpress.Compression.WrongPasswordException' was thrown"

  This message is showing that the backup file was set with a password, so when you want to restore it you will need to input the same password, refer the picture below....
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Orange arrow (Optimum) Error when restore database-RESTORE HEADERONLY is terminating abnormally

  The error screen: Solutions: This is due to the backup file was encrypted with password, please key in the password to proceed to restore....
Orange arrow Backup Failed - The transaction log for database 'SampleDB' is full

  Backup failed due to log file size reached limit Solution 1: 1. You can perform shrink database according to guide in below link: http://qnehelp.azurewebsites.net/#Topics/FAQ/ReduceDatabaseSize.htm%3FTocPath%3DFAQ%7C_____1 Solution2: Increase the size limit of a database log file1. Co...
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Orange arrow How to Import and export Schedule Backup Listing ?

  In case, pc formatted, then user no need to reset all the schedule backup settings. *This only applicable to Optimum Dev version (2017.1.0.3 and above) Before pc send to format, please do the steps as show below: Get into Schedule Backup 2. Click > Export > select your own folder...
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Orange arrow Schedule Backup is already set but check back the backup folder, system is never done for backup

  [Optimum] Schedule Backup Not working Schedule Backup is already set but check back the backup folder, system is never done for backup This is because of Task Scheduler not working for User Account on Windows 10. So user have to change to Local System Account. Full documentation please...
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Orange arrow QnE Optimum Database Located into which directory

  QnE Optimum Database usually Located into C:\Program Files\Microsoft SQL Server\MSSQL10_50.QNEBSS\MSSQL\DATA Anyway if you are using different instances or different SQL Server version than the folder will be in different path. You can perform the following action to verify your data path: 1. G...
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Orange arrow How to schedule a database backup

  Start from version, you can schedule a database backup with only a few simple steps. 1. From the main menus, open Tools->Database->Scheule Backup 2. From the backup scheduler, click "Add" to setup a schedule. 3. Configure the source database and the backup destination. 4. You can...
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Orange arrow How to backup from client? I have share the DATA folder in MSSQL, I have also created a share folder in server for backup purpose. I could backup from QnE in the server, but not from a client. The er

  To troubleshoot this problem, first need to make sure the server's file sharing is enabled in the network. for example, you should try to access //server from the client pc, if the client PC has permission to access the server(in lan), you should be able to see the shared folder only when the clie...
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Orange arrow Backup failed – Backup Database Failed in QNE Optimum - Cannot open backup device ‘\\Server-PC\ShareFolder\QNEBSS\CompanyName\2014\.bak’. Operating system error 3 (failed to retrieve text for this er

  refer to the message, the system cannot open the path, it could be many reasons why the system cannot access the path. One of the very common reason is the file name is not a legal path. refer to this message, the file name is got too many "\". in windows file sharing "\" means the sub-directory, ...
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Orange arrow Unable to do schedule backup. Error message pop up. Framework error and unable to do schedule backup.

  User downloaded Microsoft.Net Framework 4.0 and installed but still have the same error Currently the DB Backup Scheduler has third party library dependency to communicate with Window’s Task Scheduler to perform backup. Unfortunately this library only support Windows 7 and above....
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Orange arrow In QNE Optimum, After the latest online update, the database connection are missing in database wizard, how can i restore the previous connection setting?

  1. Please right click the program shortcut and go to properties then click "Open File Location" 2. Then you should be able to see the windows explorer and your current path should be similar to "C:\QnE Software\QnE Business Solutions\Bin" 3. look for a file name "WinApp.exe.config" and copy and o...
Orange arrow I try to back up QnE Optimum from a client workstation, system prompted "backup failed - the path is not of a legal form"

  You need to have at least a share folder in your server for QNE Optimum to transfer the file using this folder, You can perform the below to share a folder in the server:1. Login to the server2. create a folder in your C drive, e.g. Share3. right click to Share with>Specific People and select "E...
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Orange arrow DBScheduler Backup - Save Schedule Error (Access Is Denied)

  This article describe the issue when you not able to save schedule in DB Schedule with the error "Access Is Denied" DB Scheduler will fail to save if current logged in user has no administrator role Below is the sample screenshot of the error you may encouter when saving backup schedule. ...
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