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Orange arrow Do optimum has closing of financial account. so that can close the financial year end and save it. The new set of account with Brought forward amount for each account can have a new record as opening

  One of the QNE features is to support unlimited financial periods, the system will calculate and cut-off automatically according to the financial period setting and bring over the opening balance when you view the respective accounts/ledger and financial reports accordingly. Thus, QNE do not requi...
Orange arrow I have use item discount but where can i set Discount GL Account for item discount?

  Refer to the best practice of accounting, the item discount below is consider as Trade Discount which mean the amount posting to Sales GL Account should exclude the item discount. Therefore, on Stock Account Preset do not provide any GL account posting for Sales Discount Acc, Sales Discount R...
Orange arrow How to Refund Advance Payment Using Journal Entries and Customer Knock Off?

  Scenario: Receive advance payment from customer; want to refund the advance payment. Example: Actual amount in Sales Invoice is RM477 but customer payment is RM507, should refund RM30 to customer. Solution: Step 1: Detect which Sales Invoice that the customer makes payment. T...
Orange arrow 1. Stock - Router with the preset code for hardware
2. Cash Purchase Router
3. Find out that the stock preset code are wrong, then amend the

  [Dec 25 2014 9:34AM] mlsam2000 - Dear Sir/Madam, Yes, the accounting posting in the transactions will not be change after you change the preset code. However, you can manually change the posting in the transaction, for this example in Cash Purchase: 1. You can right click the column of the item gr...

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