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Orange arrow How to customize and display the Multi UOM in Sales Invoice Format

  Please download the full version guide here....
Orange arrow What are the Purpose and Functions of Project Module and Cost Center Module?

  In Project and cost centres are the module for you to have transaction in different projects/cost center and you can generate reports by project or cost center, For example in the screen if Sales invoice, you can assign different project code for this sales. after you input the transactions the...
Orange arrow Is there a function allow user to submit GST Payment via internet banking directly to Royal Customs Malaysia?

  GST E-Payment Download the full version guide here Full version guide GST E Payment module has been designed specifically for corporate user of CIMB Bank which enable them to initiate GST Payment and inquiry payment history without having login to http://www.cimb-bizchannel.com.my. Cust...
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Orange arrow How QNE Optimum to handle serial number?

  Please download the full guide here....

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