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Category: Create New Company QNE Delphi
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Orange arrow How to Create New Company Database ?

  How to Create New Company Database To create new company please follow the step below: 1. Select ‘New’ to create database 2. Select type of database to create: a. Sample Database (For Testing/Demo purpose) b. Working Database (Select to create new database) i. Selec...
Orange arrow [Delphi] When create new company database no sample chart of account to choose, why?

  Like this picture: Solutions: ------------------------ - this is due to inside QNE program folder(eg.C:\QnE) missing a folder called "EmptyNewDB" - please reinstall QNE program or copy folder "EmptyNewDB" from other PC using same QNE version then paste to the problem PC....
Orange arrow How to create new company in QNE Delphi Firebird

  Once you have successfully installed the QnE Business Software, you need to create a new company to start enter any transactions. Select New Company from the File menu bar. The following screen will appear Click on Working Database -> Select a sample chart of account that suits your c...

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