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Orange arrow Problem: At system option-Sales 4, tick on Show Discount, then go any sales entry, it will NOT show the footer discount when the GST module is enable.

  After the implementation of GST, global discount is not allow anymore, because one invoice may have standard-rated and zero-rated item in the same invoice, and a global discount cannot apply to both tax code. So, we have to create an service item code "Discount" and apply this discount in the item ...
Orange arrow Import/Migrate master data and customer/supplier/stock opening balance from QNE Delphi Firebird to QNE Optimum

  Below are the steps to import data from the QNE Delphi Firebird data to QNE Optimum: 1. Please make sure your version is the latest version 2015.0.1.7 or above, to download the latest version online, please visit http://support.qne.com.my/article/3203/60429 2. Please download the guide HERE....
Orange arrow required 2008.5.0.656 in UDF file, current UDR 2008.5.0.655 not allow to upgrade

  Please stop the services of firebird SQL and try to run the updater again. thanks....
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Orange arrow After upgraded GST Compliant Module, QNE Firebird version perform slower than the previous version, anyway can we speed up the performance when saving some transactions e.g. Cash Sales, Sales Invoice

  The new version of GST Compliant in QNE Delphi Firebird offer additional checking and validation on the saving of transactions e.g. Cash Sales, Sales Invoice However, it may slow down the performance of the system, users has the option to ignore the checking/validation and make the system to perfo...
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Orange arrow I just install the QnE 691. Why it sats the udf version is different?
How can this error affect the transaction? Is it okay to ignore?

  it will affect the transactions, you need to make sure the version of the udf is matched before you input any transactions. Please check what is the version of your current UDF. Please do the below steps to check the version: 1. go to C:\Program Files (x86)\Firebird\Firebird_1_5\UDF and look for Q...
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Orange arrow Customer reported that after upgrade from 668 to 690/691, print Customer outstanding report STILL appear the transaction even the PD Cheque knock off those Sales Invoice.

  Please check on the checkbox "Include PD Cheque Payment", then the outstanding invoice that already knocked-off by the PD Cheque will be included in the report....
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Orange arrow Unable to change "Deposit To" account in Receive payment & Receipt Vouchers

  This is due to additional features, the setting is in the user maintenance, Please make sure the login user has the access right below: General Maintenance>User Maintenance>Access Right>Control>Allow to Change/View Deposit To...
Orange arrow Upgraded from QNE Delphi Firebird to QNE Optimum, Where to find the setting of price group, price book and last selling price?

  The design of the Price Group, Price Book, Last Selling Price Setting in QNE Optimum is different compare to QNE Delphi Firebird. It is more flexible and powerful, it combines the features of Price Group, Price Book and Last Selling Price in QNE Delphi Firebird. Please download the full versio...
Orange arrow How to upgrade from QNE Delphi version 262e to version 692 QNE Delphi GST Compliant Version?

  Step Upgrade : 1. 262e -> 270 (Direct Upgrade) 2. 270 -> 270zi (Direct Upgrade) 3. 270zi -> 314 (run script before proceed for upgrade) after run script it will automatically upgrade, please check the version at Help -> About. 4. 314 -> 351 (Direct Upgrade) 5. 315 -> 686 (Run...
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Orange arrow What the different QnE versiion 690 and 691?

  Below is the list of the task that we have done in version 691: User Maintenance - Startup Form prompt msg when save certain form add Posting date field in aging report Amount more than 10 digit in OR and inquiry in receipt listing prompt error. Valid Posting Period applied but why debtor Past Cre...
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Orange arrow After cross upgrade, Bank Reconciliation become 0.

  Please click HERE to get the script to run. And click HERE for the document of step with screen shot. At QnE system, please go to File -> Utilities -> QnE Management Tools. Once the QnE Management Tools is pop out, go to Tools -> Intelligence SQL Queries, after the screen pop out, click ...
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Orange arrow After upgrade to GST version, monthly sales analysis report all zero for the previous periods.

  Due to the different structure of the software previously and the current upgraded GST version, After upgraded to the GST version, you cannot view the sales analysis report for the previous periods. You are advise to view the current period of sales analysis in the upgraded database and you may ne...
Orange arrow Hi there,
in v692, may i know how to transfer multiple DO to one Invoice? (previous version 27x can, why this version cannot?)

  Please check the setting in System Option>Partial Delivery (1)...
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Orange arrow In QNE Delphi, GST is 6% why the transactions before 1st April, 2015 I input, Supposingly there is no GST, but why the system show 3% GST in the system?

  Please download the ste by step guide HERE. or https://drive.google.com/file/d/0By78lGQcXTfjT1ZJN0xsQ0dCSTA/view?usp=sharing...
Orange arrow Once Company Profile of a REGISTERED Database has been modified, the Company Registration form shows special characters, and could not be registered.

  it is due the the cross upgrade and the license missing, Please try the below steps: 1. Download a sql script from https://drive.google.com/file/d/0By78lGQcXTfjZzFEc3dTN0g0Z3M/view?usp=sharing2. Go to File>Utilities>QNE Management Tools3. if system prompt password, pls enter qne10804. go to ...

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