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Orange arrow How to configure the GST Compliant module in QNE Delphi Firebird?

  Please download the updated guide here (updated 31/10/2012)...
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Orange arrow How to troubleshoot if i cannot login to QNE Delphi, system prompted "Unable to complete network request"

  1. Go to Start>Run, type "cmd"2. in the Cmmand Prompt pls try to ping the IP address or the server name that you are trying to connect e.g. "ping -t"3. if there is no response, it means the network connection between your workstation and server is not connected, Please check the ne...
Orange arrow After When I install qne 692 in win7 pro, my control panel show error message:window explore stop working and close immediately. Pls assit

  2 suggestions to resolve this issues: 1. Please also note that the Firebird2Control.cpl panel brings down the entire control panel window with messages "Windows Explores has stopped working" and "Windows Explorer is restarting". It helps to delete Firebird2Control.cpl file from System32 directory....
Orange arrow How to Install QNE Server and Client (Delphi Firebird)?

  Please download the guide HERE....
Orange arrow How to reinstall QSS

  Kinldy get the full guide from HERE...
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Orange arrow When install QnE Service then system prompt out error message show "Error 1001: The Specified service already exists"

  This happened might the QnE service already installed. If the QnE service is not installed so this might the QnE Service not fully uninstall previously. Solution: To view full document, please click here...
Orange arrow When uninstall QSS, prompt : Error 1001. An exception occurred while uninstalling. This exception will be ignored and the uninstall will continue. However the application might not be fully uninsta

  The error screen: Solution: repair/install QSS into a NEW FOLDER....

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