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Orange arrow QNE Delphi User Manual

  Please Download QNE Delphi User manual here : https://www.dropbox.com/s/7abg18463fsbe9o/Accounting%20User%20Manual-LatestUpdated.zip?dl=0...
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Orange arrow How to change the Account Code of Chart of Account in QNE Delphi?

  File->General Maintenance->Change code->Change Account code...
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Orange arrow Payment Voucher shows Imported Goods (K1) but inside no details, how to remove the Imported Goods (K1) wording?

  Refer the sample payment voucher no. PV0112/005 below, it shows Imported Goods(K1) but go inside has no K1 records. To fix the problem, please do a latest backup first then execute the below script using QNE Management Tools : update PAYMENTDETAIL set K1DECLARATIONNO = ''where paymentcode = 'PV...
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Orange arrow How to solve error "This GL Account Code is used in transaction. Cannot create new Sub GL Account Code" when wants to add new GL accounts.

  Download and run the below script to check any transactions record with null GLAccount code, then update or delete the null records to solved the error. CheckNonExistGLCode.zip...
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Orange arrow (Delphi) New database created the version not same as QNE program version, and prompt "Upgrade Process Aborted"

  Example: The current QNE program version is 730, but the new database created in this version becomes version 725. When login the database, system also not allowed to upgrade the database version and prompt error below: Causes : In the QNE program folder, there is a folder called EmptyNewDB ...
Orange arrow Sales Order prompt message"Total quantity - total cancelled quantity cannot less than transfered quantity"

  *For example the above Sales Order item quantity is 120 units and transfered 30 units, if user put cancelled quantity as 100 then it will prompt the message. *Total item quantity(120) - total cancelled quantity(100) = 20, it less than the transfered quantity(30) so will prompt this....
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Orange arrow When want to key in number in the transactions, prompt "xxxxx" is not a valid input.

  - When this problem happened, user cannot continue key in transactions, user can simply find and copy some numbers first then user can be able to continue key in. For permanent solution, please upgrade to version 732 or above...
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Orange arrow [Delphi] Backup Failed - qib is too large

  Due to database file (.FDB) too large causing File Compression not responding. Solution: Delete Audit Trail Go to File > Audit Trails Press [F9] on Keyboard and key in password qne1080 Click on [Delete] button Tick on “Audit Trail Date” checkbox Key in the date period to del...
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Orange arrow How to fix services(eg.QLS, SQL Server QNEBSS, QNEService QSS, Firebird Server) always not auto start with windows problem?

  1) Go to services.msc, example if the problem is on QLS, right click it and choose Properties. 2) Change the startup type to Automatic(Delayed Start), apply and ok. 3) Now when you restart your pc again the QLS should auto start with windows....
Orange arrow Why when double click QNE shortcut prompt "System is locked" unable to login?

  The error message: Solutions:- Please make sure the shortcut is create from "QnE Client.exe" instead of "QnE Server.exe"....
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Orange arrow How to delete/update opening balance for only P&L accounts to 0?

  -may due to user change cutoff date and want to zerolize opening balance for P&L accouns only. -Please run the following script to update opening balance for P&L accounts to 0: update GLOPENINGBALANCE o set o.fdebit = 0, o.fcredit = 0, o.debit = 0, o.credit = 0where o.glaccountcode in ...
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Orange arrow When remove/delete an item from a transaction prompt error 'xx' is not a valid floating point value, why?

  The error message: This may due to the item description got a tab at the behind, like showing in the below picture. Please remove the tab first then will be able to remove/delete the item from the transaction....
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Orange arrow After update database version, when search previous payment voucher got error "qrLoadDetails: Field 'REFTAXNO' not found" . When key in new payment voucher also got error "General SQL error. Column u

  The error message: -This is due to the database was missing a field REFTAXNO, please execute the below script to insert back the field REFTAXNO ALTER TABLE JOURNALDETAIL ADD REFTAXNO VARCHAR(100);---ALTER TABLE PAYMENTDETAIL ADD REFTAXNO VARCHAR(100);...
Orange arrow When try to enter transactions in Delphi POS, system keep showing "System is busy. Saving Aborted. Please try again.", restart pc still same problem, how to solve?

  The error message: Solution: Please do a database backup and restore it to a new database to continue enter transactions....
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Orange arrow How to set different bank account use it own PV/OR running numbers

  Go to General Ledger -> Chart of Accounts -> Current Assets -> choose the bank account – Right Click -> Amend -> Setting Button -> Tick “Use Own OR/PV #” -> set the preferred running number format -> click OK to complete....
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