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Orange arrow [Optimum] How to change system language to Chinese?

  1) Please go to Tools>Customization Centre, for changes apply to all users, go to Win>Application>double click on QNE Business Solutions 2) Refer below picture, click on QNE Business Solutions, change PreferredLanguage to zh-Hans, click save. 3) Now restart QNE Optimum system, ...
Orange arrow Cannot open QNE Optimum, computer prompt "Fatal Error: CLR error:80004005 . The program will now terminate"

  When computer prompt the below error when open QNE Optimum, this is due to the .net framework in the computer is having problem. Solution: Please reinstall .net framework in the problem computer....
Orange arrow Example in Sales Invoice, you can group and minimize/hide the customer info on top the transactions form so that more item details can be displayed.

  Refer the below documentation on how to customize the layout: Hide or minimize customer info.pdf...
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Orange arrow How to change posting account for all existing transactions(By SQL Queries)

  Please refer below documentation illustrated by using Sales Invoice as an example: Change Posting Account by SQL Queries.pdf...
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Orange arrow How to use View Variant to save your own report "Inquiry" layout

  Please check the documentation from the below: view variant.pdf...
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Orange arrow Optimum-How to change system cut off date by execute SQL scripts

  Use the "Database Utility" from the QNE Optimum to execute script: -For example the month you want to change to April, then execute below script, the number 4 is stand for the month and you can change it. update systemData set systemdatavalue = 4 where systemdatacode = 'AccountStartMonth' -For e...
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Orange arrow Optimum - How to Reduce database size

  You can try to purge the audit trail: 1.1 Backup a copy of original database. 1.2 Go to Tools>Purge Audit Trail>fill in the until date to purge audit trail records 1.3 Back up data (to compress the file) 1.4 Restore again...
Orange arrow SQL Server (QNEBSS) services doesn't automatic start even after set to start with Windows

  To view full document, please click here...
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Orange arrow Printed documents are not allowed to be modify. Please check User's access right.

  To view full documentation, please click HERE...
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Orange arrow (Optimum) Error when restore database-RESTORE HEADERONLY is terminating abnormally

  The error screen: Solutions: This is due to the backup file was encrypted with password, please key in the password to proceed to restore....
Orange arrow (Optimum) Cannot submit tax return - Object reference not set to an instance of an object

  The error screen: Causes : Please check in the Tax Codes, is there any tax code without correct tax type. In the below example tax code RP is without tax type. Solutions : -- use SQL Server Management Studio or Database Utility(in QNE Optimum) to run script in order to update tax type ...
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Orange arrow System prompt the below error: Could not load file or assembly 'QNE.ERP.DatabaseUtils, Version=2016.1.1.6, Culture=neutral, PublicKeyToken=null' or one of its dependencies. The system cannot find th

  Please go to the QNE Optimum program folder(eg.C:\QNE Business Solutions\Bin), please check the file "QNE.ERP.DatabaseUtils.exe" . The error is due to this file was missing or corrupted, please copy the file from other computer using same QNE Optimum version and replace to the problem computer....
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Orange arrow How to set cursor auto move to next row for key in the next item?

  Example: Setting: 1) Right click on column header, example right click on "Stock Code". 2) Select "Enter Move Next Row", done....
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Orange arrow An error message prompt up when click search button in the supplier -> bills, the error message:Property path " is incorrect for type 'QnEBS.BO.AP.Bills' because member 'QnEBS.BO.AP.Bills' does no

  - When user facing the error, please Reset View Settings and check again....
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Orange arrow [Optimum] Tax Return ZRE and ZRL amount grouped into Item 11

  [Optimum] Tax Return ZRE and ZRL amount grouped into Item 11 Download below script and execute it. ZRL_Script UPDATE TAXCODESSET TAXDESCRIPTION = '40'WHERE TAXCODE='ZRL'...
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