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Orange arrow How to import master data from ubs to qne delphi?

  Please go to File>Utilities>Import and Export and from here you can see the option to to import master data from UBS Accounting or UBS Stock Control. There is no way to import all the data from UBS to QNE Delphi. However, If you want to import opening balance by transaction type, Please go t...
Orange arrow Import Journal Voucher JV from Excel - QNE Delphi Firebird

  [Feb 2 2015 1:04PM] Emily - 2/2/2015 12:38:07 PM, Victor: XLS document must contain either of the following sheetnames: QnE_JV QnE_OR QnE_PV QnE_Bill QnE_Invoice The XLS contains sheetname "QNE_JV20150108HOTEL" and is considered as not valid by the import procedure. Please rename the sheet to "QnE_...
Orange arrow QNE Optimum, In the Database Wizard, try to connect SQL Server, System Prompted Cannot open database "XXXXX" requested by the login. the login failed. Login failed for user 'sa'

  Please refer to the article from Microsoft - http://support.microsoft.com/en-us/kb/555332 The login error message 'Cannot open database "XXXXX" requested by the login. the login failed. Login failed for user 'sa'" means the user name and password to connect the database engine in Microsoft SQL Ser...
Orange arrow How to Integrate Third Party Software e.g. Point Of Sales (POS) or Stock Control System to QNE Delphi?

  Please download the documentation guide HERE....
Orange arrow How export Sales Invoice format from Database A and import to Database B.

  To VIEW full Documentation please click HERE Download full documentation please click DOWNLOAD...
Orange arrow When import data from Excel file – GL Journal Voucher, showing error message ‘Import/Output GST account not defines.’

  Error message picture: Solution 1. File > Module selection > untick ‘GST 2015’ > Save 2. File > System Option > GST tab > insert posting account for Input GST and Output GST. > Save 3. File > Module selection > tick ‘GST 2015’ > Save 4...
Orange arrow How to Import Creditors or Debtors into Delphi ?

  Require Open Office I will attach both Creditors and Debtors for importing, inside the format will have 2 examples. Master File Templete The yellow color box which is compulsory column to fill. After fill in everything Save it, open the excel file with Open Office and Save as dBase . EXAMP...
Orange arrow How to Import Stock item into Delphi System ?

  To Import Stock item into Delphi System .Note : Please Create the Preset code 1st. Example : I have different Sales GL account for different type of Sales . If All Sales is combine in one GL account . Preset Code one is enough . To Import Stock in Delphi Step 1 . After fill in as Example . You wi...

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