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Category: QNE Internal Only (Private)
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Orange arrow Import Journal Voucher JV from Excel - QNE Delphi Firebird

  [Feb 2 2015 1:04PM] Emily - 2/2/2015 12:38:07 PM, Victor: XLS document must contain either of the following sheetnames: QnE_JV QnE_OR QnE_PV QnE_Bill QnE_Invoice The XLS contains sheetname "QNE_JV20150108HOTEL" and is considered as not valid by the import procedure. Please rename the sheet to "QnE_...
Orange arrow After upgrade to GST version, monthly sales analysis report all zero for the previous periods.

  Due to the different structure of the software previously and the current upgraded GST version, After upgraded to the GST version, you cannot view the sales analysis report for the previous periods. You are advise to view the current period of sales analysis in the upgraded database and you may ne...

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