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Orange arrow how to remove amount in my Invoice when there is only comment but not item sales???

  Please take note that my Sales Invoice no problem, it is Debtor invoice problem. Please customize the report, right click the field and check "BlankWhenZero", you can refer to this screen shot....
Orange arrow My backup file is very big, anyway to reduce the database size and backup file size?

  Yes, You can reduce the size, Please refer to http://qnehelp.azurewebsites.net/default.htm#Topics/FAQ/ReduceDatabaseSize.htm...
Orange arrow 1. GL - Payment Voucher
2. Search (Top Right Button)
3. Right Click on the Title Bar
4. Select "Column Cho

  after u drag the column, u need to exit the application then login again only u can see the data because the screen need to be refresh by logout and login....
Orange arrow How export Sales Invoice format from Database A and import to Database B.

  To VIEW full Documentation please click HERE Download full documentation please click DOWNLOAD...
Orange arrow Delphi-Customize Print Cheque without "RINGGIT MALAYSIA"

  Refer below picture, you may customize cheque format to print without "Ringgit Malaysia". Solution : replace with a Variable and the calculation set below:- Value := CurInWord(PaymentVouchers['TOTALAMOUNT'], '-') + ' Only';...
Orange arrow How to sum/total up the item quantity in the Sales Invoice report footer

  Go to Sales Invoice report design, add a "variable" into the footer and set the calculation formula as below: Value := value + SalesInvoice['ITEMQTY']...
Orange arrow How to customize GST Details Listing format with Debtor GST Register No

  To view full document, please click here...
Orange arrow Credit Limit Listing prompted string or binary data would be truncated

  1. Go to File > Utilities > QnE Management Tools 2. After QnE Management Tools opened, go to Tools > Inteligence SQL queries 3. Click on Import Script and select 008556.sql (Download here 008556.sql) 4. Click Excute SQL then exit Inteligence SQL queries...
Orange arrow (Delphi) Stream Read Error-error prompt out when trying to click a report

  The error message: Solution: Need to reset the report inquiry layout. Go to the report Inquiry tab, delete the customized layout from the "layout manager"....
Orange arrow [Delphi] Preview Debtor Aging report prompt error "Could not run program:Variable6OnCalc", even it is a system report format.

  The error message: Solution: ---------------------------------------------------- 1) Please go to amend the report format. Refer below picture, right click on "Variable 6", select "Calculations..." 2) Edit the formula as below then click ok. 3) Save this customized format as new fo...
Orange arrow [Delphi] How to edit "Memo" field in the report designer?

  For example, how to edit memo in the overdue letter: Solutions: --------------------- - refer below picture, in report designer, right click on the memo field that want to edit, then click to "Lines...". ** Take note that double click will not able to edit the memo. - now you can edi...
Orange arrow DELPHI-How to display remark “This is computer generated invoice no signature required.” on last page.

  DELPHI-How to display remark “This is computer generated invoice no signature required.” on last page. *User said that they don’t need signature from customer, some will send out by email only. They request to display “This is computer generated invoice no signature req...
Orange arrow (Delphi) Amend format prompted Canvas does not allow drawing

  Solution: 1. Completely exit QNE Delphi 2. Double check default printer is online/connected without error status or set another printer as default....
Orange arrow [Delphi] When print payment voucher show double/duplicate payment details

  Problem payment voucher: As can see from the above picture, document 171005473 was doubled/duplicated. Solution: ---------------------------------------------------- -Please customize the sub report for payment details, refer above picture. -the sub report will needs 2 grouping by DO...
Orange arrow [Delphi] How to sort/group report by stockcode

  [Delphi] How to sort/group report by stockcode Solution Click ‘Customize’ to enter report designer 2. Click ‘Amend’ 3. Report > Groups… 4. Add another group 5. Select MonthEndStockBalance.Stock code > OK Done😊 Full ...

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