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Category: Delphi Registration
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Orange arrow Once Company Profile of a REGISTERED Database has been modified, the Company Registration form shows special characters, and could not be registered.

  it is due the the cross upgrade and the license missing, Please try the below steps: 1. Download a sql script from https://drive.google.com/file/d/0By78lGQcXTfjZzFEc3dTN0g0Z3M/view?usp=sharing2. Go to File>Utilities>QNE Management Tools3. if system prompt password, pls enter qne10804. go to ...
Orange arrow Sales Invoice Got Details But Print Out Empty/Nothing

  Causes: ---------- This problem can happens to local currency debtors. For example, when the currency code in debtor is "MYR" but database registration currency is "RM". Solutions: ----------- Please make sure the local currency code in the debtors and database registration is the same....
Orange arrow When want to register a new company database with correct registration codes, prompt: The Registration Code is already expired. Further upgrade is not allowed. Please extend your software maintenan

  ** This is due to the software warranty for the Product ID was expired. ** To proceed to register the new company database, please change the computer date to the date before the software warranty expiry date and register. Once registered you can change the computer date back to current....
Orange arrow [Delphi] Register database prompt error '@#$%^&*' is not a valid date

  The error: Solution: Please execute the below script to clear the registration details then only register again. script_login_aborted.zip...

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