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Orange arrow Customize payment voucher - Show total amount just appear at last page

  Customize Payment Voucher 1) Create 2 system variable : PageNo and Page Count2) Refer tab Calc -> for Varible page count -> Print -> paste this coding beginif Report.PageCount = Report.PageNo then Begin DBText12.visible := true; EndElseBegin DBText12.visible := false; End;end; 3) Sa...
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Tagged: last page

Orange arrow Can I put a sentence on the last page of a report in QNE Optimum?

  This article shows how to put a label on the last page of a report in QNE Optimum. We will show the words “This is the last page” on the last page of “Customers Listing” report as our example. First, click on View -> Reports -> Customer Reports -> Master Reports ...
Tagged: last page

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