This is additional Module : Advance Currency

Selecting Advance Currency Module

1. File -> Module Selection 

2. Tick ‘Advance Currency’ --> click ‘Apply Changes’ button 

Adding Unrealised Forex Gain, Unrealised Forex Loss, Debtor Control Foreign Exchange and Creditor Control Foreign Exchange accounts 

1. General Ledger -> Chart of Accounts 

    Add-in the following accounts :- 

    - Unrealised Forex Gain (PnL) 

    - Debtor Control Foreign Exchange (BS) 

    - Unrealised Forex Loss (PnL) 

    - Creditor Control Foreign Exchange accounts (BS) 

2. Highlight Current Asset --> Click ‘New’ Button 

3. Key-in all the appropriate fields then click ‘Save’ button 

   Tick Revaluation Option

Defining Default Interface Account 

1. Go to Maintenance -> Default Interface Account 

2. Assigned the appropriate accounts --> Save 

Setting up Foreign Currency(Rates by Period) 

1. Go to Maintenance -> Currencies

2. Key-in all the fields required. 

   (Define different rates for different period) : Click ‘NEW’ button.

Assigning Different Currency for Different Debtor

1. Customer -> Customers Accounts -->  Key-in or select the debtor followed by the ‘Currency’


1. issue an invoice for the selected debtor within the date 01/01/2021 -> 31/01/2021 

Note: rate changes from 3.8 to 4.1

2. Generate Auto revaluation 

   i) In the Advance Currency Module --> Select Auto Revaluation - AR

ii) Select Date --> Select Customer code --> Click Generate Button

iii) System will auto calculate revaluation for adjustment = RM 300

iV) system auto generateJournal

Journal posting as below