How to Install Server


1. Install Firebird V1.5 Server

2. Install QnEFunc.dll file.

3. Install QnE Accounting Server

How to Client


1. Install Firebird Client

2. Install QnE Accounting Client.

3. After Install, Double Click or press CTRL enter the QnE Accounting Icon in desktop

4. Enter the QnE Server.exe path (eg. \\Server\QnE\QnE Server.exe ) in the field called

“Server Name”

5. In the screen “Open Database” press Add button, enter the company name and also the path

name of database. (Hints: if database store in C:\QnE\ABC.FDB and only share QnE folder

and not the entire C drive then the path name you should put is \\server\c\qne\abc.fdb )