BOModel (Additional User Define Field + Field Calculation)

Please refer KB How to Access Customization Centre


Scenario: How to create Field Value 3 with calculation is equal Field Value1 * Field Value2 Value1*Value2=Value3

Step 1 - Go to BOModel > Search for QnEBS.BO.Sales > SalesInvoiceDetail

 Step 2 - Create 3 field under SalesInvoiceDetail > OwnMembers

 Step 3 - After create field GOTO EvaluateExpression > Add > MemberEvaluateExpression

Id : Field name (Value1*Value2=Value3)

EvaluateExpression: Field A*Field B (Value1*Value2)

EvaluateMember: Calculation Field (Value3

Pull the new field under ‘Views’

Save and re-login system.

Calculation TEST, Value1 * Value2 = Value3