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Model Customization 

BOModel (Additional User Define Field), Validation (Set Rules/Conditions), Views (Edit transaction layout)

BOModel (Additional User Define Field)

How to add 1 item field (NewRemark) on Sales Invoice ?


Step 1 - GOTO BOModel > Search for QnEBS.BO.Sales

Information: In QnEBS.BO.Sales have all the sales transaction form

Information: Under QnEBS.BO.Sales have each transaction have two objects. E.g. SalesInvoice and SalesInvoiceDetail

Step 2 - Go To SalesInvoiceDetail > OwnMembers > Right Click on OwnMember to select ‘add’ and ‘Persistent’ .

Step 3 - Search ‘Id’ to insert the field name.

Step 4 - Select ‘Type’: System.String

Step 5 - Add the new field on the screen, GOTO QNE Business Solutions > Views > QnEBS.BO.Sales


Step 6 - To check your field table name, GOTO Sales Invoice > Diagnostic > View Info Table name : SalesInvoices_SalesInvoiceDetailsCollection_ListView

Step 7 -Under QnEBS.BO.Sales > SalesInvoices_SalesInvoiceDetailsCollection_ListView > Select Columns Right click on the column to select ‘Column Chooser’

Step 8 - Click ‘Add’ to proceed next step.

 Step 9 - Select the new field and click add button.

Step 10 - Click and hold the ‘New Remark’ then pull and release the ‘New Remark’ after ‘Description’.

Step 11 - Then ‘Save and Close’ and re-login system.

Step 12 - After re-login check on Transaction screen.