Scenario : 

User would like to set validation rules if wrong GL Account posted, system will not allow to save. This is to ensure user post the right account code 

Solution : 

Step 1 : Access to Customization Centre 

Step 2 : Search for Validation à Rules 

Step 3 : Search for “QNEBS.BO.Sales.SalesInvoiceDetails


Step 4 : Clone it 

Step 5 : Update Target Criteria as below
 [Stock] Is Not Null And [Stock] = 'DEPOSIT'

Remark : Set Stock code as you want. DEPOSIT as an example


Step 6 : Set Criteria as below
[GLAccount.GLAccountCode] = '800-1010'

Remark : Set GL Account as you want. 800-1010 as an example



Step 7 : Update CustomMessageTemplate : Wrong GL Account Selected !
 and then Change ID


Step 8 : Repeat same steps if you have another validation for stock code and GL Account Code




Step 9 : Logout and Login QNE 

Step 10 : When user select wrong GL Account code, system will prompt message as below 

Please refer to documentation as attached