Note : For this tutorial, I’m using Sales -> Batch Reports -> Sales Invoice.


Step 1 - Go to design and amend <SR>01 report format.

Step 2 - Add new calculated field under Sales invoice Details Collection

Data Member: Sales Invoice Details Collection

Field Type: Boolean

Name: IsPageBreak 


Use this formula for the Expression field:

 ([DataSource.CurrentRowIndex] % 20== 0) And ([DataSource.CurrentRowIndex] != 0)

Note : 20 means maintain 20 rows per page


Step 3 - Add the page break control in the report’s designer, the control should be added in the detail band: 


Step 4 - From the page break’s property window, set Visible behavior to No and then click the "…" button of the formatting rules: 

if your layout is different can follow as below


Step 5 - Formatting Rules Editor

Click “Edit Rule Sheet…” button -> click “Add a formatting rule” button: 

Define the new rule as below:

Condition: [IsPageBreak] == True

Visible: Yes

Data Member: Sales Invoice Details Collection

Name: PageBreakFormattingRule

5.  Save the report format and preview:


Thanks for viewing.