Scenario: User wants to create a Dropdown list/ Combo Box / Selection column pre-define with ‘Type of Delivery’ in Sales Invoice.


  1. Go to Tools > Customization Centre

  2. Double click on ‘QNE Optimum’

  3. Expand BOModel > expand QNEBS.BO.Sales > expand SalesInvoices

  4. Right click on ‘OwnMembers’ > select ‘Add…’ > Select ‘Persistent’

  5. Key in as below
    • Type = System.String
    • Caption = Delivery Type (Optional name to be shown)
    • Id = DeliveryType (Optional id in system without space)

  6. Save and re-login QNE Optimum

  7. Go back to newly created field

  8. Set PropertyEditorType = Xpand.ExpressApp.Win.PropertyEditors.StringPropertyEditors.StringLookupPropertyEditor

  9. Scroll down to Data category, you will notice there are additional setting of ‘PredefinedValues’

  10. Key in your selection and end with a semi-colon (;)

  11. Save and re-login QNE Optimum

  12. Go to Sales > Sales Invoice and drag out newly created Field from Customize layout

  13. Click on the selection button will be able to view pre-define selection instead of manually key in.

Refer attachment for details