In the system, create customized field in Payslip using the payroll system is simple. Create customized field in Payslip using the payroll system is simple. Read on to learn how you can add-on or customize additional fields in your payslip.

In the scenario below, user has requested to create a designation field. 



To create customized field in Payslip, please make sure that your package is inclusive of Report Designer module. You may check the module from Licenses Info > Click on the product key > scroll to Modules.


1. Go to Report Files > Filter the report type to Payslip


2. Click on Design on the report format you want to amend / click on the Design on the payslip format with QNE Software Sdn Bhd (this is system Master File that cannot be overwrite)


3. In the Design screen, click on Label icon and drag the label to the place you desired (you may drag 2 labels, 1 as the label's title, the other as the column to display the data)


4. To bind the data, click on the label you just drag to select the column > click on the Field icon


5. At the Search bar > search for Designation


6. Drag the field and drop on the column, this column will then display the employee designation


7. To create a Label as the field's title, repeat step 3 > Select the Label > Click on the Setting icon > Type in the Title (e.g. Designation/Position) in the Text Box


8. Click here to Preview


9. Once you have create customized field in Payslip such as the designation, expand the Menu at Top left > click Save



If you are using System Master format (Created by: QNE Software Sdn Bhd) to customize your payslip design, you are required to fill in a new file name and save as new format; If the payslip format is created by other user, the format will be overwrite when you click on Save.