Created a [xx] in Stock (QnEBS.BO.Stock.Stocks) and in Sales Invoice (QnEBS.BO.Sales.SalesInvoiceDetails)

then wish to link the value key in Stock (QnEBS.BO.Stock.Stocks) to Sales Invoice (QnEBS.BO.Sales.SalesInvoiceDetails)



1. Go to QnEBS.BO.Sales.SalesInvoiceDetails and expand it

2. Right click on EvaluateExpressions

3. Select Add > MemberEvaluateExpression

4. Key in as below

EvaluateExpression = [Stock.xx]

EvaluateMember = xx

Id = xx_value

5. Save and re-open QNE Optimum

6. If you test key in an amount (999.99) into Stock.xx

7. When go to Sales Invoice and select the Stock Item, the value of xx will automatically show out according to what you key into Stock.xx

Refer attachment for detail