User Created Purchase Order, as at 27/10/2020

But Accidently Transfer it to Purchase invoice date in 26/7/2020

System can have rule to control, remind and avoid user not to save.

To know how to control in above situation happen, please refer solution.


Step 1 – Access Customization Center.

Please refer:

How to Access Customization Centre


Step 2 – Once access customization center,  Expand Validationà Expand Rules.


Step 3 – Look for QnEBS.BO.Purchase.PurchaseinvoiceDetails àRight Click and Clone Rule Compulsory Transfer.

Step 4 – Amend the Clone Rules as below:

Step 5 – amend the criteria, click the 3 dot to add rules.

Step 6 – Rules as below:

Step 7 – Click Save, and relogin QnE the rules will apply.