1. Ensure that the module in File – Module Selection - GST /SST, Item GST/VAT/SST and GST 2015/SST 2018 is already enabled

2. Go to GST/SST

  • GST / SST Setting.
  • Go to Option Tab
  • Tick Enable SST

  • Go to Dates / Preset Tab
  • Click Update button.

3. A Wizard screen will pop out.

  • Select Sales(If your business is related to Sales) or Select Service (If your business is related to Service)
  • Define the Sales/Purchase Tax Rate or the Service Tax Rate.
  • Click on the OK button


System will : -

i. automatically Create a New Period (in GST Settings by Period tab)

   Effective Date From : 01/09/2018

   If user select Sales in the Tax Code Update Screen previously,

   the default Input Tax =PT-[Tax Rate]% , Output Tax = ST-[Tax Rate]%

         example : PT-10%; ST-10%

   If user select Service in the Tax Code Update Screen previously,

   the default Input Tax = ESVT-[Tax Rate]%, Output Tax = SVT-[TaxRate]%

   example: ESVT-6%; SVT-6%


ii. automatically create 4 Account Codes (in General Ledger – Chart of Account)

   a. Less: Cost of Sales - SST Purchase Tax

   b. Less : Expenses - SST Expenses Service Tax

   c. Current Liabilities - SST Sales Tax

   d. Current Liabilities – SST Service Tax

iii. automatically create 4 Tax Codes (in GST/SST – Tax Codes)

    - Expenses Service Tax

    - Purchase Tax

    - Sales Tax

    - Service Tax

** NOTE : Users are required to Assign the Posting Account manually for each Tax Code

Go to GST – GST Code

Click on the Tax Code and select the corresponding Account and then click Save.

- Expenses Service Tax – (example : ESVT-6%)


- Purchase Tax – (example : PT-0%)

   Posting Account : SST PURCHASE TAX

- Sales Tax – (example : ST-0%)

   Posting Account : SST SALES TAX

- Service Tax – (example : SVT-6%)

   Posting Account : SST SERVICE TAX


Refer attachment for details