QNE Delphi provide an additional module which similar to AR>Receive Payment, name "Deposit" that only work in Sales Order, Delivery Order, SINV & Cash Sales.

 - Other than the existing fields from AR>Receive Payment, system will provide another field "Tax Code" in deposit screen for user to select, but the system will load the default tax code according to the default priority setting e.g. customer, tax code maintenance

If user not set any GST Default Tax Code, system will take Tax Code Maintenance as GST default.

For Deposit, the account code in Chart of Account under Current Asset = GST From Deposit

- the journal posting for this transaction will be as below:
Dr. Bank/Cash 100.00
Dr. GST from Deposit 5.66 (from GST setting account)
Cr. Debtor 100.00
         Cr. GST Output Tax                          5.66      (posting ac from the Tax code)


2. - After transfer this Sales Order to Sales Invoice
- when user click the "Deposit" button, system will provide a screen (similar to knock-off screen but the other way) for users to check which deposit previously already collected.
- and the knock-off of the deposit will be automatically being knock-off as well
- The journal posting for this tranx will be as below: (for example Total invoice amount is 1,000, previous deposit is 100)
   Dr. Debtor                         1,000.00

   Dr. GST Output Tax           5.66     

Cr. Sales 943.40
Cr. GST Output Tax 56.60 (posting ac from the Tax code)
         Cr. GST from Deposit                       5.66      (from GST Setting)